We are proud to announce the release of a new series of high-precision sensors for applications in autonomous vehicle navigation. The sensors are based on quartz-vibration gyroscopes with low-noise, low-drift characteristics. They have excellent capabilities for measurement of slow to medium speed rotations.

We offer the new sensors in various versions with different communication interfaces and housing options: LPMS-NAV2, LPMS-NAV2-RS232 and LPMS-NAV2-RS422. Please check more detailed information on our products page

The following video shows a use-case of one of our customers in China. The company is using LPMS-NAV2-RS232 sensor for mobile robot navigation. Automatic navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGV) or cleaning robots are two of the principal application areas of the LPMS-NAV series.

If you have any interest in this product, please contact us for further information.

About Tobias Schlüter

Before I came to LP-Research, I used to do particle physics research. In my former career I studied hadrons (i.e. particles composed from quarks) at various particle accelerator experiments, results can be found here. At LP-Research, I program FPGAs, GPUs, MCUs and CPUs to process data coming from sources as varied as IMUs, video cameras and heart-rate monitors. I can assure you that particle physics is a perfectly valid qualification for this kind of work. Trust me, I'm a scientist.