LPMS-NAV2-RS232: Motion Sensor for Navigation with RS232 Interface and Water Proof Housing


LPMS-NAV2-RS232 is a single-axis, high performance inertial measurement unit (IMU) with an RS232 communication interface. The sensor uses a high-quality gyroscope with excellent noise characteristics to calculate accurate relative heading information. We created this unit espcially with automotive, mobile robotics and automatic guided vehicle (AGV) application cases in mind.

The sensor is contained in a rugged, IP67-rated aluminium enclosure. Sensor functionality and parameters can be configured using our NAV-Control software (downloadable from our support page).


Product type LPMS-NAV2-RS232
Size 40 x 48 x 25mm
Weight 70.1g
Heading range ±180° / 0~360° (selectable)
Angle resolution 0.01° (Max.)
Heading linear error <0.1°/m
Angle random walk (f=10Hz) 0.18°/sqrt(h)
Bias stability (f=10Hz) <5°/h
Angular speed range ± 400dps
Acceleration range ± 4g
Gyro noise density 0.003(°/s) / sqrt(Hz)
Data output rate 10~100 Hz selectable
RS232 baudrate 19200~115200bps selectable
Power consumption ~14mA (@12V)
Power supply 5~18V DC
Water proof IP67
Housing material Aluminum
Working temperature -20 ~ 80°C
Stock temperature -40 ~ 85°C


Product Package contents Price

1 x LPMS-NAV2-RS232 sensor

1 x Water proof cable

1 x User guide card

1 x Warranty & support (1 year)

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